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4th March 2018

There's something to be said for bloggers that keep you coming back. In a world of tiny attention spans and endless options, choosing to come back to the same writing is a serious accomplishment for a blogger.

Getting lost in my Bloglovin' feed is one of my favourite ways to fill my downtime. Never more so than when I get encapsulated by a particularly inspirational, well-written or simply engaging blog post. In the world of competition we're in, I think sharing the love for your favourites, big or small, should be done whenever you get the opportunity - there are massive influencers out there I'm only just finding out about and ones just starting out I would never have stumbled on, without a shout-out from someone already in my feed.

Whilst I have no doubt that you'll have definitely heard of, if not already follow, the three influencers I'm about to share, I had to give them some space, on my own space, purely because of how much excitement a new blog, video or Instagram post from them gives me.

Some things never change... ✨💫🍊🇲🇦 {Outfit link in my bio}

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The Londoner

Someone who I always get excited to click into is Rosie from The Londoner.

The story telling nature of Rosie's writing has inspired my own writing style and allows me to get lost in her posts, whether it's an adventure under several feet of Canadian snow, or a local favourite place in London that needs to be added to my list. Rosie knows exactly how to share the story in hand, just the right level of information, just the right level of anecdotes and a great storyteller through and through.

Rosie's photography tells just as much of a story as the words do, capturing details that are so often overlooked, or sharing that extra gooey cheese shot that gets my mouth watering from the other side of my laptop.

The Londoner was amongst the first blogs I ever followed and it's one I'm still excited to get stuck into, particularly if I have a few posts to catch up on. Follow her adventures through London and beyond.

Girl got glammed up for a night at the #eebaftas with @audiuk 💫 Any excuse to wear a floor length gown ❤️ #baftas

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In the Frow

For me, Victoria's content and adventures are so aspirational, yet her own personality is so real that it makes everything she puts out incredibly engaging.

Whilst she's been on my to-read list for years, the In the Frow brand seems to have skyrocketed in the past couple of years and it's so exciting to follow along with. Across every platform, I love to see new content from Victoria and it all marries into the next piece perfectly. Despite being at the top of her game, it's clear that every piece of content is still at the best interest of her reader and also herself, which is exactly what keeps me coming back.

Everything In the Frow is evidence of how if you want something, you work for it. All of Victoria's successes are preceded by a seemingly insane work ethic that's infectious. From sharing her own advice of her time in the industry, to sharing her seriously enviable style diaries, you need to get on Victoria's bandwagon, you can start with her blog.

Got them fluffy Friday feels! 😏 #abmhappylife ph. @ghenetactually

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I've followed Michelle's content since I first ever discovered blogs. As the blogosphere has grown, so has Michelle and it's been such a real development to follow. As the Daisybutter brand has grown, a real sense of self has developed.

Michelle's content now is at its absolute peak for me, her newsletter is one of the most beneficial that lands in my inbox (you can sign up on her blog) and the personable style of her blog content feels like she's bringing you on right alongside with her opinions, her trips or her stories.

Daisybutter is a quintessential lifestyle blog that diarises Michelle's day-to-day, it's a look inside her life and she's bringing you in. Get it on it if you're not already there.


The main thing that all the above share? They're just doing them. Their content is recognisable before you see who's written it or who's feed it's on. When I read their content, I hear it in their own voice and their passion for words and visual content they put out is clear. In brief, that's what keeps me coming back.

Who are your ultimate favourites, the ones you get excited to see a new post from or those you're cheerleading for from your side of the laptop?