Eating in your Sunday Best

Written about Food
29th October 2018

My Sundays are pretty standard, there are few things I'd rather fill a weekend with than beer, food and one of my favourite cities. Handily, all of the above are included in this one post.

Tracking down the perfect Sunday Dinner is always a challenge, so many essentials on one plate, it's a feat needing extensive research. Of course, there are plenty of Sunday Roasts in Leeds and I've only scratched the surface. Here I am ticking off the next contender.


With so much competition, you need to do a little something to stand out. For this edition, we're going full Sunday Best. The Pieminister Sunday Best, that is. A full Sunday Dinner, balanced atop one of Pieminister's menu offerings.


I of course split this very generously gifted menu trial with my other half. For him, the Moo & Blue to get his fix of cheese and all the trimmings, for me, the Deer Stalker, something a little richer than your average.

Here comes the Sunday stack - the dreamy Pieminister pies, crumbly, buttery pastry, encasing your pick of filling - the Deer Stalker was delicious, beautiful venison bacon swimming in a red wine gravy and lentils. The Moo & Blue ticked off the fix of stilton, filled to the top and oozing out onto the plate.


The trimmings, a deliciously crunchy crackling - doubled for my boyfriend with the gift of mine as it's never something I've got on board with. The noise of the crunch alone was satisfying enough - seasonal veg, the cutest pig in blanket (always a favourite) and the Yorkshire Pud, capitalised for its importance;  all served balanced on top of the pie, on a bed of creamy mash and with a full gravy boat to drench it all in.


Top marks for the gravy, none of the thimble fulls you typically get served. The only thing lacking is the Yorkshire Pud, always my  ultimate favourite part of a roast and I can count only a couple of restaurants that have nailed it. Not terrible, but I am notoriously picky and this wasn't one to scream about.

This was my first time to Pieminister but it was a great way to kick things off - the pies are lush and I'm keen to get back for a veggie option (also available for the Sunday Best, with veg substitute trims).


The Sunday Best, I highly recommend (I see great things for a hangover cure) for an easy Sunday Dinner in Leeds - you'll get your Sunday stack, all in for £9.95 and a few good beers to pick from to give you the best Sunday experience... or should that be Sunday Best experience?