Getting festive

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25th November 2018

The Christmas lights in the city have been switched on, I've paid my first visit to the Christmas Markets and I have ticked off one present purchase. It is The Season.

Getting into the festive spirit isn't particularly difficult for me, behind autumn, Christmas is my favourite season. However, as life speeds by at a sickeningly fast pace, Christmas trees seem to pop-up on the street as if from nowhere and before you know it, you're waking up on Christmas morning.

With the fast pace to compete with, it's only right to bookend the festive season with a day devoted to getting Christmassy.

The festive little elves at Moonpig invited me for such a day, filled with Christmas crafting, Christmas cocktails and a peek at their own Christmas offerings for the season.

In the name of Christmas gifting, I have to keep a couple of items under wrapping paper for now. Even I was impressed with my craftiness so you can trust that the Moonpig magic was sprinkled over me on the day.

43-moonpig-#merriertogetherPhoto by Matt Chappell 

We were welcomed into Revolution, tucked away in our own little festive haven. First on the crafting agenda was creating a Christmas wreath - side note, I don't have a front door that I can drape my creation over, but the day that comes, it's going to be my first priority to get something amazing.

Wreath gif

This year's wreath creation is one I can reuse for years to come, switching up the foliage to freshen it up. We got spoken through each step, each stumbling through creating a bow and getting the leaves to line up well. The final creation is now glistening in my window, being the first introduction of Christmas to the flat this year.


The next couple of craftings got to show off the card-making function on Moonpig. There are so many options available for purchase, to either buy as standard or personalise with your own words and pictures. I went for the super personalised version, currently awaiting delivery to spread some festive joy of my face.

Next to that was what can only be shared as a mystery event for now, in the name of keeping it off my other half's radar... watch my social channels for a reveal nearer the big day!

As a perfect finisher for the day, we got to recreate a festive cocktail with the help of one of the Revolution barmen. Our group could tailor the flavours to our favourites, we opted for a strawberry woo woo with a touch of festive flavour.

129-moonpig-#merriertogetherPhoto by Matt Chappell


I am here for that candy cane garnish.

And here ends the first of the festivities! I have a couple of pieces yet to be revealed but I had such a good day transitioning into Christmas.

The time to get the decorations up is a week away and I'm so excited to coordinate my flat with Christmassy touches for another year, complete with my Moonpig creations... Once revealed.