2018 in 28 things

Written about Catch-ups
2nd January 2019


It's always fitting to wrap up the previous year and look forward to the next. Whether I'm making resolutions or not, whether my previous year was a celebration or a fail, I always like to put things in review and get a bit of perspective for the year ahead.

Jennie has inspired me to round-up my year of being 28, with the 28 highlights of 2018 (it also makes me very content that my age will always somewhat match the year).

I've loved dabbling through a few 2018 round-ups, so here are my last year's highlights...

1 My trip to Japan
Somewhere that's been on my to-travel list for the longest time, have a read of my round-up posts: The biggest misconceptions and A Tokyo perspective.

2 Embracing more vegetarian food
Including cooking more at home (see some of my creations on Instagram) and trying some of the delish veggie restaurants around Leeds, like Prashad.

3 A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara
I've got a lot more into reading lately and I am loving it. This was the best book I've ever read by a mile - be prepared to sob your heart out.

4 The year of the egg
I decided I liked eggs this year and ate approximately 300 of them. Scrambled eggs are the ultimate one.

5 Took a trip to Kielder Forest
And fell more in love with the UK, hiding out in a cabin in the woods and planet spotting from Kielder Observatory. Get a peek at my weekend here.

6 Obsessed over the snow
The snow that fell in March this year was the best the city centre has had since I've lived here. Weather seems to be a big part of my highlights and there's nothing I love more than snow. Fingers crossed for a very wintery trip in 2019.

7 Broadening my taste buds 
My journey from fussy eater to ultimate foodie will always continue, but 2018 was a year I ticked off some previous no-gos from my list; sushi, lobster, beef tartar - let's keep it going.

8 Falling more in love with Leeds
The love affair continues, through the restaurants, the drinks, the art work and the surrounding scenes.

9 Thriving in the English summer 
England in the sunshine is a different place and makes me fall in love with the place on a different level. The hot weather seemed to never end and temperature stickers on Instagram were near mandatory, can we get this for 2019?

10 Stumbling into quintessential England 
Along with a weekend in the forest, I also ticked off a weekend on the North East coast, in Staithes. A little chocolate box village that I'd never even heard of was a definite 2018 highlight.

11 Carving my first pumpkin 
I'd somehow made it 28 years without hacking into a pumpkin, that changed this year and I was super proud of my first attempt.

12 My best friend getting engaged 
The majority of my closest friends are married, another one started their journey this year and we had the phone call from across the pond to share the great news.

13 Leaving my job 
I left my job after *exactly* five years in October which was a major milestone for me. The next steps didn't quite work out but I'm excited for what 2019 has to bring.

14 Becoming a LAD
Probably the first time I've ever embraced football with England working their way through the World Cup this year. Getting to watch matches with crowds of other obsessees makes me see what all the fuss is about.

15 Seeing fall in the US 
I'm a little bit obsessed with autumn and as with most things, America does it bigger and better. We took a mini road trip around New England to witness the change in seasons and my fall dreams came to life. More posts are to come, for now, take a look at my Boston perspective.

16 Turning off the TV
For my birthday this year, I joined the hipsters and got a record player. There's something so comforting sitting doing nothing and listening to music - I'm currently growing my record collection and replacing passive TV watching with literal music to my ears.

17 Getting to grips with paid social media 
A professional highlight was having paid social finally click. It's so simple, but is one of those things that I've always felt out of my depth with. I'm on board with it!

18 Dialling down the make-up
2018 was the year I pared my daily face back to three products and my-god is it good for the soul. I get so much more time in bed, so much less face to remove and it also means so much more when I actually put a full face on. Highly recommend.  

19 Seeing The Book of Mormon
I took Matt on his first ever theatre trip to one of the best shows I've ever seen. We've been listening to the soundtrack since May.

20 The Real Housewives
Despite turning off passive TV, I still have my me-time. I made a goal to get through as many Real Housewives series as I could (thinking big). Beverly Hills will forever be my favourite, but I've ticked off Orange County and am one series away from finishing New York City, three down, 14 to go.

21 Playing aunty
Two of my best friends produced tiny best friends for me and while I don't see them half as much as I should, I got to embrace the fake aunty role for another year, which will always be a favourite.

22 Becoming chef Pheeb
Cooking has always been an escape for me and this year I got on board with it more than ever. I don't think I've ever had such a varied home cooking menu.

23 Another year in the city
We had near certainly decided we were going to give up our city centre digs and move out to the 'burbs. Renewal time swung around and we've committed to another year in our Leeds city centre flat. Convenience and cosiness won us over for another year.

24 Falling in love with The Fab Five
Who didn't? The rejuvenated Queer Eye came to Netflix and I was the ultimate fan girl. I don't know if I've ever obsessed over a group of people more - series three, come at me.

25 Keeping my trans-Atlantic friendships thriving
Two of my best friends are based full time in North America, but we somehow manage to see each other multiple times a year, 2018 was no different.

26 Having great adventures with my blog
2018 was another year of some great opportunities that have come from my blog. I discovered even more tasty restaurants, did one of my biggest paid collabs on Instagram and had another year North of London. We're now entering my tenth year a blogger!

27 My first stateside drive
Discovering fall in America was an ultimate highlight, but was it also my first time behind the wheel in the US. It was insanely easy and gas was mind-blowingly cheap, it's ignited an urge to explore more of the US on the road.

28 Another year of me
With every year I get so much more on my own level. I become more self-assured with every year and I can't wait for this to develop even more in 2019, I'll be doing me.