Patty Smith’s burgers

Written about Food
21st January 2019

If you haven't already clocked, from my Instagram or through the foodie posts on my blog, I really like eating out. Trying the newest places, yes, but also frequenting my favourites and relishing in some chill eats.

Not every trip is a dreamy, Instagrammable dining experience. Sometimes it's nothing more than street food served in a polystyrene container - main and side smashed together ready to be devoured.

With that in mind, it's time I dedicate North of London to more of my impromptu trips, incorporating more of my favourites, more of my discoveries and honestly, just tasty, good food in Leeds.

This weekend's chill out spot for my Sunday was at Belgrave. A+ people watching, all the beers and your pick of two of my favourite easy eats in the city.

Today's choice of food at Belgrave, Patty Smith's burgers. Fresh, homemade patties and proper chips. These serves are contenders for the best burgers in Leeds, but watch this space for the rest of my top three. I'll do the tasting, for you 😉

Top pick from the menu is without a doubt, the original, the Dirty Burger. It's a hallmark burger with all the classics - mustard, lettuce, cheddar, chipotle mayo - piled onto a Yorkshire steak mince patty, wrapped in paper and ready for you to drool over.


The flavour tops the Instagrammable factor and you won't be disappointed. I always want to try the veggie option, the Leafeater, but knowing how good the meat is at Patty Smith's, it never gets my top pick... Watch this space.

The burgers come solo, but you can add chips - proper, crispy chips - or, if you've got the appetite, I would highly recommend the Session Fries. These are a must on a hangover, or your average Sunday. A tray piled high with chips, doused in... chilli mayo, rosemary salt, pecorino, pancetta, rosemary and pickled chillis. They are SO GOOD. Keep your peepers on the Patty Smith's Instagram for their seasonal versions. You've just missed the festive version, complete with pigs in blankets. Amazing.


You'll have no doubt have experienced Belgrave if you're a Leeds regular, but if not, you'll find them at the top of the city. Head down early for a weekend lunch bite and set-up for the afternoon.