Yakitori night at Iroko Bar

Written about Food
28th July 2019

*Update - Iroko Bar is now permanently closed*

Complimentary menu tasting 

Tucked among the chain restaurants, the burger joints, wine bars and banks, is Iroko Bar. The newly named bar plays host to breakfast, lunch and dinner, before masquerading as a cosy bar into the night.

Alongside the expected offerings, the events and pop-up nights are not to be missed. From gin infusion, to Japanese whisky nights to another slice of Japan, their regular yakitori night. Every other Thursday, the small tables of Iroko are opened up to this Japanese classic - typically, skewered chicken charred over fresh coals. The Iroko twist? A few more meats and a welcome platter of deliciously crispy tempura vegetables.


Jennie was kind enough to invite me along as her plus one for the most recent evening, but after this taster, I will definitely be back in the future. Instead of running you through the line-up dish by dish, I'll instead share three of my highlights, so you still get an element of surprise...


My favourite of the night, chicken thighs - charred to perfection to give the taste of the grill, with a perfectly cooked cut racked up on the skewer.


Ham & cheese stuffed peppers - deliciously creamy cheese with a sprinkling of salty ham, cased in a grilled pepper.


And not necessarily my favourite, but a must-discuss for definite - the ox tongue with horse radish. Typically served thinly sliced, this evening instead served as cuts. Judging by the half-finished plates, I'd say this was the least favourite dish of the night for many. For me, delicious flavour, but the texture marred the enjoyment and Jennie relished my leftovers.

Seven courses for £20, plus your pick of wine, cocktails or beer from the Iroko line-up. I think the menu stays the same for most of the year, but I'm hoping they'll  be throwing some new flavours in soon enough because in a cosy bar, with delicious skewers, it's a great experience.