My decade of blogging

Written about
12th January 2020


Yep, that's right - 2019 marked my 10th anniversary as a blogger. From small beginnings as a pure play beauty blog, to growing my online home to include travel, food and my life. It's grown as my online diary, documenting my adventures of flavour and of the world, having bouts of downtime - as is life - and allowing me some of the most amazing experiences, from being a brand ambassador for Aussie in the early days, to forging relationships with my favourite Leeds locals now.

It began in my bedroom as a full time hobby, growing into a balance next to a part time job, through three years of uni and continues into a side project to a full time career.

I couldn't have imagined that what started on a whim would still be active ten years later. It was me thinking out loud onto the internet about endless drawers full of products I was obsessed with for fleeting moments, being incredibly influenced by the swaths of beauty bloggers around me. I like to think as I've grown-up, my approach to blogging has changed, definitely writing more for substance, carving out my own voice and identifying what makes me tick without relying on others to do it for me.

It's something I'm extremely proud of and I think the only thing that has seen this level of commitment from me. From posting every other day in the early days, to maybe getting one post out a month now, from being in what I consider the beginnings of blogging as we know it now, to falling into the mass crowd it's become.

The community I initially joined is unrecognisable, most of my original blogger friends no longer active as writers, if at all online. Instagram has become a priority for many with blogs falling by the wayside. I'm still an avid blog reader, but my weekly scroll through new posts has dwindled in line with the reduced volume of posts by my favourites and new finds alike.

My own attitude towards blogging has stayed pretty consistent from day one to now. Day one, not knowing what it is or how the community is going to grow, writing whatever comes to mind. Present day, being astounded at how much the blogging world has grown in size and influence, continuing to put my fingers to the keys when my newest post idea strikes.

There are endless think pieces on how blogging has changed through the 2010s - including my own eight years in. As with anything spanning ten years, things are going to change and continue to do so. Just as with my beginnings, I have no idea how things are going to develop from here, but I'll be here for a while to work with whatever comes next.