September 10, 2010

My week in 5

So, I blatantly missed doing a ‘5 Good Things’ post last week, but I’m hoping I can make it a bit more regular, so if I don’t manage to blog other things, you’ll at least get this! Let’s just get straight into it; 1) Changes; I’m booking myself in for…

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July 15, 2010

A General Overview

Just a quick ‘Look of the day’ from yesterday! On my nails; China Glaze ‘Strawberry Fields’ I didn’t know this had gold shimmer running through it until I owned it, before it arrived, I saw what I assumed would be a perfect ‘dupe’ – minus the shimmer – in Per…

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May 19, 2010

Firm Favourites

Following my guest post on Sabrina’s blog, I thought I’d give my input on my all time favourite products, to go along with my favourite NOTDs.These are items that I have continuously relied on, and will continue to do so.Hopefully there will be some new products in here for you…

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May 4, 2010

April Favourites

I rarely do ‘favourite’ posts, simply because I tend to use the same products for months, with maybe a couple of new products added in every now and then.I’m not about to pull random products out and sing their praises if I’m not actually using them any more. But, this…

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November 9, 2009

Monday 9th November

· Mood: Not too bad, however, have just found out I’ll be missing the headphone disco at work this weekend as I’ll be in Reading. Catch 22 I suppose… · Do you consider yourself a good cook? I do. I like to do new things whenever I can, but cooking…

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