February 25, 2011

Summer Wishlist

The bright sunshine is telling me summer might be around the corner. I can brave uni in Newcastle with just a cardigan on, which I don’t remember doing since September. With a few weeks in south America planned for Easter, I’m jumping on my summer wish list early this year.…

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February 23, 2011


  Another Topshop tee that filled my mind. Saw it online, thought wow. Saw it in store, thought wow – naaa can’t afford. Saw it again, it entered my life. It’s not really what I usually wear. I hated the ‘DROP BEATS NOT BOMBS’ tees that were around a couple…

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February 10, 2011

The sun has got his hat on

I think Newcastle saw its first proper sunshine of 2011 earlier this week. One of the besties jokes that Newcastle will never see summer. I’m starting to believe it with the grey clouds that seem to hang over the toon most days. Time to crack out the floral print and…

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February 7, 2011

Bunny Stripes

Please don’t say you’re getting bored of beautifully webcammed outfits..? Because until my technogenius gets his mitts on my bequeathed Fujifilm (currently in a coma after Carnage on Sunday), I shan’t be looking into getting a new camera if I can avoid it. Anyway, outfit. Cardigan – H&MStripes – ZaraLeggings…

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February 5, 2011

Annie Wilson

Is it just me obsessed with 90210? I got forced to watch it when I came to Uni and thank God I did. I knew the general gist of things, but this season has gotten too good and they style is even better. I’m worshipping Annie Wilson’s wardrobe this season,…

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